Hin und Her
by Ödön von Horvath


13. – 17. 7. 2016
Director: Jan-Markus Dieckmann
Composer: Misha Cvijovic
Production: Henriette Buss

Ben Rollmann – Konstantin
Luise Schlingmann – Eva
Oliver Klaukien – Szamek
Renate Bahm – Frau Hanusch
Mario Krichbaum – Ferdinand Havlicek

Photos: Alexa Sommer

“Hin und her” is a comedy (or as the author himself called it: A “farce in two parts”) of the Austro-Hungarian writer Ödön von Horváth . The piece was created in 1933, initially under the working title “The Bridge” and was on 13 December 1934 at the Schauspielhaus in Zurich under the direction of Gustav Hartung premiered.

The piece plays on a simple wooden bridge, which leads across a border river, connects two unnamed states. On the one hand, the border guard Thomas Szamek watches at the end of the bridge, and the border organ Constantine at the opposite end. The focus is on Ferdinand Havlicek. He was deported after the bankruptcy of his drugstore from the state in which he had lived for half a century. Over the bridge he wanted to return to his native country. However, he had forgotten to carry out the necessary renewal of the citizenship there every five years, so that he could no longer enter. It is only through his help in the transfer of a smuggling couple that he receives a reward as well as an entry permit.