Little Prince
by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Children’s Cultural Center
Belgrade, Serbia

Director: Ana Sofrenovic
Dramatist: Dimitrije Kokanov
Composer: Misha Cvijovic
Choreographer: Milica Cerovic

“Simple Truth” theatre group: Joana Knezevic, Boris Kargotic, Stevan Piale, Jovana Curovic, Vladimir Niciforovic

From the show announcement by Children`s Cultural Centre:

The famous story by Antoan de Saint-Exupéry has served the authors and actors as an inspiration for exploring through movement, voice, music and words. The workshop method gave birth to the performance structure carried out by renowned artists, enthusiastic to help young actors develop their own authentic expression and present it on the stage in a smooth way. The play is about the search within ourselves for a place between real and unreal, between the world of childhood and adulthood, fantasy and real life`.

This performance is a project by `Simple Truth` theatre group made up of successful young actors from former Yugoslavia countries, with Ana Sofrenovic as director, Dimitrije Kokanov as dramatist, Milica Cerovic as choreographer and Misha Cvijovic as composer.