Artistic direction
Tamara Schmidt

Artistic direction
Jörg Königsdorf

Composer and Musical Director
Misha Cvijovic

Jonas Egloff

Set design, Costume design
Cleo Niemeyer


Vocal Coaching
Ganna Gryniva

Interview Mein erstes Mal with Misha Cvijović about her work in Musiktheater LAUT! in Deutsche Oper as composer and musical director (page 20-21)

Be loud! Our new youth production finds 20 youngsters teaming up with artists to make themselves heard. And also to explore what it is to listen. Who actually has something to say? What do the things that excite us sound like, and who do we show the result to?

Since 2015, a transcultural, participatory production has been mounted annually, with a motley bunch of young people spending a number of weeks developing a work of musical theatre, to be presented in the Tischlerei.