Misha Cvijović – composition, piano, analogue synthesizers
Damir Bačikin – composition, trumpet, effects
Daniel Weingarten – sound directing, live electronics

Funded by Musikfonds Berlin 2021

SPLITSIGNALS  is a trio based in Berlin, that writes new compositions and explores sound perspectives with acoustic, as well as electroacoustic material.

The event of a trumpet sound embodies through the air pressure difference of inside and outside symbolically a field of tension, which is inherent in any artistic expression. With these, our inner motives to want to meet the environment, the sound synthesis as an electroacoustic element from a completely different, disembodied, almost irrationally technical world stands opposite.

The fusion of these diametrical origins unite to a sea of sound through a multi-channel reproduction with omnidirectional loudspeakers. The idea is to give the sound source an emission characteristic similar to that of acoustic instruments, thus bringing the musical events closer to the listener in a spatial way. The usual distinction between acoustic and conserved sound sources is thus abolished and the listener can place himself in the sound according to his own perception.

The three musicians create completely new sound sources when synthetic sounds collide with acoustic instruments. In this encounter, these elements inspire, influence and disturb each other, and composed modules emerge that seduce, but also want to irritate and provoke. The infinite possibilities of synthesized and electroacoustic sounds create, through the interplay of the three instrumentalists, a tension, a certain degree of instability and also unpredictability. An interaction also takes place in relation to what has just been produced and heard. Thus the performers take up the acoustic spatial experience again in order to include it in the performance and to modify it live.