Short movie Michiko. UDK Berlin (2019)


Hikaru Suzuki – director
Misha Cvijović – composer

Universität der Künste
Berlin, Germany

The film is based on a short story ‘Persona’ of the author Yoko Tawada who lives in Berlin and writes literatures.


Michiko and Kazuo are siblings, brother and sister. They live together in Berlin for two years. Michiko and Katarina promise to go to a cinema together. So Michiko visits the library in where Katarina works. Michiko suddenly gets to meet Seon Ryon from South Korea in east Asia. The face of two persons are alike and misunderstand that they come from same country. Katarina who saws the situation gets a surprise that even the people from the east asia can’t recognize where they come from. Michiko retorts that european people also can’t recognize where they come from…

The idea of the story comes from the difference of our face which bring the misunderstanding, discrimination, nationality’s difference, Persona, universal human theme, etc…