Musiktheater RADIOLAND – Gerichtszenen. Neuköllner Oper Berlin (2023)

Musiktheater Radioland – Die meistens wahre, aber immer unglaubliche Geschichte des Fürstentums Sealand, Neuköllner Oper 2023

COMPOSITION/ARRANGEMENTS: Christopher Verworner/Misha Cvijović

TEXT: Lars Werner/Fabian Gerhardt


MUSICAL DIRECTION: Christopher Verworner/Misha Cvijović


DRAMATURGY: Bernhard Glocksin

STAGE: Sabrina Rossetto

COSTUME: Sophie Peters

SOUND DESIGN: Jonathan Richter

WITH Stefanie Dietrich, Sophia Euskirchen, Lucille-Mareen Mayr, Owen Read, Meik van Severen, Mathilda Switala, Armin Wahedi Yeganeh and the musicians Misha Cvijović, Philip Dornbusch, Benjamin Geyer, Sven Holscher, Sabrina Ma, Jakob Roters, Fabian Sackis, Christopher Verworner

This is the story of the most successful and longest-lived micronation in the world. And it is the story of the Bates family, whose members began as pirates and became princes. It’s the 1960s and the BBC has slept through the social upheaval: it doesn’t play pop music on any of its stations. In order to supply the youth of the kingdom with rock ‘n’ roll, pirate radio stations sprout from the seabed.

Outside British territorial waters and beyond the reach of the censorship authorities, radio pirates occupy abandoned World War II anti-aircraft platforms and set up their transmitter masts there. Among them are Joan and Roy Bates. Together with their children Penny and Michael, they move to the old sea fortress Fort Roughs in the middle of the North Sea. But while the parents run the radio for the advertising revenue, Penny is concerned with freedom and Michael with family cohesion. Eventually, (even) the (stolid) BBC understands and reforms its radio program.

Many pirate DJs, tired of canned food and lashing waters, move to the safe mainland. Deprived of their business, the Bates devise a solution: without further ado, they declare their flak platform a state and the Principality of Sealand is born. But the conflicts deepen: while the parents dream of a tax haven for shell companies, Penny longs for a revolutionary form of government. When a windy German businessman shows up and offers the entry of a multi-million dollar cartel, things spiral out of control.