Fairy Dust
by Dimitrije Kokanov

Director: Snezana Trisic
Composer: Misha Cvijovic

Cast: Dara Dzokic, Fedja Stojanovic, Bojan Dimitrijevic, Suzana Lukic

The play “Fairy Dust” by Dimitrije Kokanov reflects on the phase in Ibsen’s work when this great playwright’ plays stepped out of his usual genre setting of a social drama into the more dramatic and experimental expressionism.

This exciting, compact and convincing dramatic world, unexpectedly brave and unique, would not be possible without Dimitrije Kokanov’s language. Poetic, with strong images, and yet, concise and direct, the language of his characters fully transcends their psychies on the stage, exposing them as tormented by sin, guilt and remorse.

This family drama in which everyone is an anti-hero will be performed as public reading, directed by Snezana Trisic, one of the new generation leading theatre directors.

Music has been composed by Misha Cvijovic, also one of the most prominent composers of the new generation.